Sunday, July 13, 2014

Field of Poppies

Today's mixed media canvas was made using this weeks Fusion challenge.

How I made my canvas:

~ Gesso canvas.
~ Scribble 3 different hues of Blue gelatos onto canvas.  Take a paint brush, spritz some water to activate and brush to desired colour.
~ On the bottom use some green paint and water turn upside down to create drips that will dictate where the poppies will go.
~ From there I used Red paint, Liquitex ink, a Red Gelato and my finger to create the poppies.
~ Use green paint in a different hue from the drips to paint your stems and leaves.
~ Take a Black and Green oil pastel to shade the grass, stems and leaves.
~ Punch out 3 butterflies.  Adhere with gel medium.  Colour in with a Gold coloured Gelato the shade with a Black India Ink pen.  
~ Add White clouds using White paint and a White Gelato.
~ Doddle around the poppies.

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